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Founder of Babynizer

Expecting my first baby was one of the most exciting times of my life, even if it also felt daunting and overwhelming. As any expectant mother, I was wondering which buggy, car seat, crib I would need for my little one. My friends kept giving me their opinions on particular brands, which added to my confusion. But I thought that what might have worked for them might not for me.


We do not all have the same lifestyle, living arrangements and, most importantly, the same budget. I ended up spending my last free (and oh so precious… you’ll see!) evenings on the Internet and forums. Again, more and more confusion. Being far from family didn't help either.  





What did I really know about babies? What do they need? How do they sleep? What buggy will be comfortable, easy to fold on a bus etc. So many questions were crossing my mind. Sure, it would be easier if they came with a manual, but let's try and keep it real.


So I did some extensive market research on all the necessary products I would need for MY baby. I read reviews, articles, books and listened to over 50 shop assistants who all gave me different advice. Told you it could get confusing! They helped me test all the various products - I folded so many buggies I became an expert!


After I had my second baby, I understood that experience is key. That's how I got the idea to share my knowledge with other mums-to-be. I really understood that even if we are all expecting a baby, we are all different people with different needs and personalities. With that in mind, Babynizer will provide you with the best bespoke advice and services.


My aim is to take away your stress and help you concentrate on the most important thing of all - enjoying your new bundle of joy.



Happy mum of 3

Founder of Babynizer